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Your website is up, it looks colorful and you have posted great articles however, visitors seem to leave your page quickly. This might be because of disadvantageous placement of your texts and pictures or a lack of noteworthy design factors. In this article we tell you what you can do to charm your viewer’s eye and direct it methodically.

Image Placing

The first tip is proven across all the corners of the world where people read from left to right. When putting images on your website, place them on the left side of the text. This is because left to right readers automatically allow their reading pattern from left to right. Images grab attention compared to pure texts. Readers look at the image first then their eyes slide to the right afterwards and read the content next to it.

Because most websites are now made via webshop shop creation services and are visited via a mobile phone, it is suggested that you welcome them to your website with an image. The relevant text should always be found under because readers inherently put their attention first to the image. After looking at the picture, they scroll down and read the body of the article.

Thick Is In

What is no longer applicable to health and fashion is still true when it comes to your website content: being fat is great. You gather attention and guide the reader’s eyes to the areas you need to give emphasis. Additionally, you allow your viewers to understand quickly the content you are trying to share and to consider if it’s worthy of reading. However, always remember never to overuse the bold format
because its effect will simply be lost.

Underlines and Italics

Other formatting techniques such as underlines and italics also get enough attention. To further improve your website, partner these techniques with a colored font or highlighting. However, the same reminder should be remembered here. Only use it when necessary.

Text Break up

Appropriately utilize the importance of headings and subheadings to arrange text structure and break things up visually. Structured texts can easily be read compared to a thick bulk of paragraph. However, you must also not use paragraphs that are too short. These boost the digestibility of your content.

Sharp Content

Today, washed out effects on photos are really trendy however, remember that the nature of the human eye is to jump easily on photos that have good contrasts. Avoid dull contrasts on your images as well as matte colors.

Make It Alive

It is a known fact that frogs can only see things that are moving. This is somehow related to how our brains work. If there is something moving in the scope of you vision, we take a look at it. We are not recommending installing videos and moving graphics however, you should take a close look at your images. Are they lively to look at? Or they are just a view of your lifeless office? Humans tend to become
more attracted to photos of people in action. But more importantly, having a unique content will surely boost your SEO .

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