Do’s and Don’ts in Transferring Your Blog with Migration Service

It is understandable that you might change your mind in terms of your blog’s technical side after more than a year of running it. Maybe, you found a new hosting site that’s more efficient, and cheaper. Or maybe you got a free deal because of the popularity of your site. If that’s the case, then you might require a migration service which is a big hassle. The important thing is, you need to know the do’s and don’ts before making the move.

DO make a comparative research

Hosting Sites are notorious in overpromising their capacities to their clients. It is normal, and that’s their game. Although there’s migration service you can use in case you need to transfer, you still need to make sure to compare with other hosting sites before making the decision. Compare not only their prices but more importantly, what’s written in the fine print.

DON’T commit to a long-term hosting agreement

Some people might say, you’ll save more if you commit to five years. But the reality is, a lot can happen in five years. Do not commit for more than two years at a time. You’ll never know if there are better offers in the future for you or you might need to use migration service, or there is a better hosting site that will offer their services. It’s important that you can be flexible.

DO check their maintenance record

Always make sure that the hosting site of your choice does not have a lot of downtime because of their maintenance. Downtime affects your blog’s performance too as people who might be visiting will be redirected to a page telling them about a server’s problem. It’s okay if it only happens at most twice a year. But if it happens a lot, then it’s time to rethink your option. You should start checking out migration service.

DON’T commit to a bundle of services

Most hosting sites offer a bundle of services like domain, domain registration, and migration service. But you need to have more flexibility in choosing the other parts of your site. Don’t settle to a bundle of services because most probably, they will offer a great thing on their major product but a sucky service on the others. You might be spending more, for example, migration service costs more, but the convenience and the control it will give you is priceless.

Transferring a blog is a tedious blog that’s why, if possible, you should be sure of your choices from the beginning so you won’t have to resort to free migration service later on. Although it’s pretty convenient to do it, it will still take some of your time.

But if the inevitable happens, then don’t fret. You will be able to fix it in no time. Using a great migration service, it will save you a lot of trouble because not only you will have guides on how to do it, you will also get support on what to next, and after the transfer.

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