How to Enjoy a Free WooCommerce Setup Service

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In this article, you’ll get a gist on how you can enjoy a free WooCommerce setup service. If you have plans of building an online store, then look closely and follow through.
With today’s technological advancements, building your online store is a breeze. You can set it up at home while you’re in your pajamas and show it to your mom after she cooks breakfast. Thanks to the engineering team behind these latest platforms, everybody can realize their dream online store haul in just a few clicks.

Heck, they can even come up with a professional looking site where they can sell their products, introduce their brand, and build a community of clients. It’s quick, easy, and cheaper than setting up your brick and mortar.

#1 Have a smooth and responsive site

Smooth and responsive websites stay winning. Clients want nothing more than getting exactly what they need from your site after a few clicks.

Plan out a website structure that is flattened and condensed. Avoid the unnecessary layers (or the customer destination page) and keep every content relevant. This keeps your client stay engaged with every popular section that is easily accessible.

#3 Create Catchy and Unique Product Descriptions

The more unique, innovative, and inventive your website is, the more clients can appreciate your brand authenticity. It’s a great way to help people remember you and your brand.

Besides, copy-pasting runs the risk of plagiarism and becoming a less trusted online seller. Now we know it is easy to find great contents and use them in your online store. But try your very best to come up with something better. This gives you an even greater chance to snag one of the top spots in search ranking.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to use beautiful photos for your products or services too. The online community is aesthetically-inclined. They like seeing videos, photos, or other visual representations of your brand. Keep it striking and unique.



#4 Provide Internal Links

Internal linking is the idea of visitors reading one blog article and clicking other related posts in your site. It is an often overlooked factor among online marketers. And what’s worse is that this is super easy to add in your WooCommerce store.




#5 Utilize WooCommerce Plugins

You can also add widgets to your sidebar to display top rated items your clients may be interested in. You can take it a step further by adding a price compare plugin. This is a good function to help clients find the best product after comparing similar items.

Making your own online store is easy. It’s also a free WooCommerce setup service so you won’t have to worry about the initial capital in starting your online biz.

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