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Tips In Avoiding Credit Card Fraud After A Free E-commerce Shop Setup Service

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In today’s world, we are shopping on the internet more and more because of its convenience. In turn, companies are availing free e-commerce shop setup services to install online payments in order compensate with this development. However, this also increases the chances of becoming a victim of credit card fraud. This has been a common scenario for webshops. Although sit is hard to catch each scammer out there, there are a few things you can Save & Exit do as a web shop owner to avoid getting fraud.

Customers should not be the only ones who must be careful in getting scammed. You, as a web shop owner must be also aware of these scams. Sending a lot of orders without getting paid will eventually ruin your business. The following tips will help you fight credit card fraud inside your web shop.

Analyze The Transaction

The first tip we can give is to know your customers better. This means that you should be able to recognize a normal purchase looks like. This can be the time your shop has the most purchases or even the amount of cash being spent. Additionally, it is critical to be informed of the things that can be too good to be true. You will need to rely on your gut for this one.

Try to check particular transactions by finding if their name and address match. You can also check on their IP address to see where they are from and investigate if the purchase is legit or someone is trying to scam you. This is a really good idea if they had previous rejected transactions then they suddenly had an approved transaction.

Install Fraud Detection Systems

Fraud detection systems look through transactions and give them scores basing on the possibility of a fraud. Various factors are determined in order to compute a risk score such as client behavior, IP address and if a card has been recently used in a false transaction. Data gathered will be compared to the normal attributes. If a transaction passes the normal score, it will be processed and approved. If the transaction failed the risk score, a warning will be sent to you and the customer, and the system will automatically reject the transaction. A fraud detection system will be give significant help in reducing your risks of being scammed.

Validate Your Customer

Most of the time, scammers use a fake email and mobile number when they are purchasing something in your webshop. If you are uncertain on whether you are dealing with a scammer, it is a great idea to investigate on the given mobile number and email address. For the email, you can manually check for its validity. If it’s invalid, you should cancel all your transactions immediately. For the mobile number, you can call the number and ask the customer to verify. If you can’t reach the number in question, it is most likely a fraud.

Get An SSL Certificate

The most important factor in protecting your e-commerce store from scams is to secure the payment page. You can do this by getting an SSL certificate under your name. This guarantees that you are safe from hacking and fraud. On the other hand, customers will feel safer to buy in your web shop if you have an SSL certificate since it ensures that they will have a private transaction.

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