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E-commerce Shop Creation Service Guide – Adding Products and Categories

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Let’s start right from the beginning! You are trying to get your company into the internet or just want to start a business online so you have availed for e-commerce shop creation service . Congratulations! You now have a brand new online store to design and set up – but how will you do it? This guide is made to help you establish your categories and products.

Setting The Categories

After your website are all set up with its default categories and products, you will need to get a feel of what your desired design will look like. Your first step in setting your website will be to delete the default design so we can add our own. Before you can start putting products, you must consider their categories they would fall into first. For instance, if your business is selling cakes, your categories will be split into birthday cakes, wedding cakes and baby cakes. Having more accurate categories will make it easier for your clients to find the exact product they are looking for. This will also benefit your SEO standing.

Adding of Products

Here are the basic steps in adding a product to your web shop:

Product Name

The product name should be short and simple. It should have appropriate keywords to make it easier for your clients to find the product they are looking for.

Product Code

You can place any code combination you like in here. You can put in the product code given by the manufacturer or make one yourself. However, keep this short and relevant.


Each product inside your web shop needs to fall into a category. You will need to decide on what category a product belongs. This will help your visitors search your website easier and look for the items they are interested in.


You should be careful in putting prices in your products while making a good profit. You will need to do a little research on the market and see what your rivals are selling and how much they are selling a product. However, take not that cheaper is not better. Having a high quality product means customers are willing to pay some extra cash.


For the description, you will want your customers to know specific details of your products. Your goal here is to make your product sellable and explain the product well to your customers. The description should be informative but consistent. It is recommended to have 250-1000 characters in your description for the best results.


Your product image is the most critical selling point of your e-shopping website . Your product image should be clear and have good quality. A bad quality image will affect the sales of that product. The recommended file size for a product image should not be larger than 500KB. This is because large sized images can make load times longer and a slow loading time can be the deciding factor for your customer to leave your page. It is also a great idea to have one or more images for a certain product. Put images that show different angles of your product or from various backgrounds.

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